Idol Chit Chat: Top 5 Rewind

Posted by on Apr 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

MackN2U: so as far as my top choices… I think Syesha could move up and bump one of the DavidsMello: it would have to be Archuleta because everyone is riding Cook right nowMackN2U: yeah… but Archuleta had a good night last nightMello: he definitely didMackN2U: For once he stepped away from the ballads and did something upbeat and it’s about damn time… I was beginning to think he could only do one type of songMello: I was really rooting for my male...

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International Swag

Posted by on Apr 30, 2008 in Album Reviews

Artist:Estelle Album Title: Shine Release Date: 4.29.08 More & more UK artists are making their mark here in the US. Estelle, definately is not a new-comer to success. Born in West London, this chic with a heavy accent has hooked up with well-established producers & songwriters to bring forth an album guaranteed to go platinum. For those consumers listening to Estelle for the first time, at first listen, you hear a sound comparitive to Floetry & Lauryn Hill,...

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Hey DJ: Bring That Back!!

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Artist: BlackStreetAlbum: Another LevelRelease Date: September 1996 The wonderful thing about having a massive CD collection is that I can resurrect artists at any time, and transport myself back to some of the best times in life. Today for some reason I woke up with Blackstreet on the brain. Let me clarify: this would be the 2nd incarnation of Blackstreet, post-Dave Hollister. See, most of us know Blacksreet as a quartet, but they’ve endured enough roster changes to make 2...

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Back When It Was…

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Artist: Alicia KeysSong: Teenage Love AffairAlbum: As I Am Ever wonder how some celebs recover so quickly from media backlash? Do something impressive to shift everyone’s attention. Let’s take Alicia Keys for example: for the last few weeks, the internet has been abuzz about Ms. Keys’ misconstrued comments regarding gangster rap in a recent interview for Blender magazine. In the interview, she’s quoted as saying, “Gangsta rap was a ploy for black people to kill each...

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SoundSavvy Soundbyte: ‘Be A Nigger Too’

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MackN2U: I like Nas’ new song, ‘Be A Nigger Too’; It’s different… he presents a different perspective of a controversial termMello: yea that’s why Nas is a great rapper – he gets very deep. But when he thinks outside the box and goes way extreme it hurts himMackN2U: yeah but only because people don’t pay attention…Mello: yea, which is sad… I’d support his ‘Nigger’ album 300% because based on the title of the album I’m...

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