Who is Sound-Savvy? We’re fans just like you, of real music. We believe in good music and we want to share that with you. Occasionally, we come across some bad not so good music also… we might share that with you too! Sound-Savvy was created as a community for true fans of real music so it may look a blog but you, the readers make it a community by sharing your thoughts, opinions and comments. You can check out the album reviews before you buy, get the scoop as we interview your favorite national and international recording artists, share opinions with others, or get a different perspective on the latest sounds of the streets and airwaves. We’ll get the latest and let you know if you should spin it or toss it!! And we’ll apologize in advance, we just don’t do gossip. It’s not our thing, and besides we can refer you to at least 15 other sites that have the latest celebrity rumors and scandals.

The Savvy Spotlight is a section designed specifically to highlight independent artists and new talent in the music industry. The mission of this section is to spread the word on new talent and to gain feedback on new artists and their music. Savvy Spotlight Artist slots include an interview, photos, a review of the artists’ album (if available), and a stream‐only playlist of the artists’ content. Artists featured in this section are marketed to Sound‐Savvy’s extensive network of blogs, media outlets and an e‐mail list consisting of both industry and non‐industry readers. If you’re interested in being featured, contact us and we’ll hook it up.

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